Ersin Ozugurlu

Credentials: Ph.D

Website: Ersin Ozugurlu's website

Phone: 1999

Advisor:  Jean-Marc Van den Broeck

Ersin Ozugurlu


2024:  Working at Istanbul Technical University, as a Professor

What do you do? Do you use math in your position?
I teach and do research in mathematics.

Have you received any awards or made any recent accomplishments you’d like to share? This can include promotions, new jobs, and memberships to boards and organizations.
My h-index is 12 and going up every year 😉

Any other information you’d like to share?
I am still excited about doing research in brain tumor growth modeling and nonlinear optics problems.

2022: Professor in the math department at Istanbul Technical University

2016: I became an associate professor in mathematics in 2012. Finally, I got a permanent job at Istanbul Technical University in Mathematical Engineering Department ( My last article was about brain tumor modeling, and now I am working with a group with real data on this topic. Scholar Google Citations for Ersin Ozugurlu: I would like to thank to Dear Prof. Frank Torelli for his enormous help and also to Prof. Patrick Ahern whom I owe so much for his help for qualifying exams. I also would like to thank Prof. John C. Strikwerda and my PhD advisor Prof. Jean-Marc Vanden Broeck for their financial support and encouragements. I definitely thank Prof. Sigurd Angenent, Gloria Mari-Beffa, Andreas Seeger, Leslie Smith, Dear Daniel Rider and Walter & Mary Rudin.