Ersin Ozugurlu

Credentials: Ph.D

Phone: 1999

Advisor:  Jean-Marc Van den Broeck

2022: Professor in the math department at Istanbul Technical University

2016: I became an associate professor in mathematics in 2012. Finally, I got a permanent job at Istanbul Technical University in Mathematical Engineering Department ( My last article was about brain tumor modeling, and now I am working with a group with real data on this topic. Scholar Google Citations for Ersin Ozugurlu: I would like to thank to Dear Prof. Frank Torelli for his enormous help and also to Prof. Patrick Ahern whom I owe so much for his help for qualifying exams. I also would like to thank Prof. John C. Strikwerda and my PhD advisor Prof. Jean-Marc Vanden Broeck for their financial support and encouragements. I definitely thank Prof. Sigurd Angenent, Gloria Mari-Beffa, Andreas Seeger, Leslie Smith, Dear Daniel Rider and Walter & Mary Rudin.