Matthew Iklé

Credentials: Ph.D.


Phone: 1993

Matt Ikle

Advisor: Marshall Slemrod

Where do you currently work and what is your title/position?
SingularityNET and TrueAGI, Chief Science Officer

What do you do? Do you use math in your position?
I am involved in lots of foundational research in developing artificial general intelligence. Such research pulls from many diverse disciplines including a BREADTH of mathematics and computer science topics. I also need to pull from the DEPTH of many math topics including those I specialized in (complex dynamical systems) during my graduate school days in Madison, and others I had to learn recently (homotopy type theory and fully homomorphic encryption for example).

Have you received any awards or made any recent accomplishments you’d like to share? This can include promotions, new jobs, and memberships to boards and organizations.
Two patents pending.