Documentation for how to populate this site

User submits their profile, profile notifies student admin.
Student Admin creates faculty/staff profile if there’s a complete profile
First Name = First Name
Last Name = Last Name
Credentials = Degree (B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D.)
Phone = Year
Address = if Ph.D., advisor (might need to lookup in Historical Ph.D., here:
Biography = Updates
Headshot = Image provided if headshot.

Check the relevant categories (right side) when creating posts/faculty/staff profiles.  You may need to add more categories for year or other tags.

If not headshot, create new post and tag as memories with relelvant memory content in body. (see memories/posts)
If the information provided includes a obitutary/death notice, create a new post and tag as In Memoriam.

Student Admin updates the year accordion menu on the Alumni Updates page.  This may include creating a new accordian menu item and moving it into place.Is the update relating to a new graduate this year? Student adds to accordion panel on front page.